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Top Ten Online Literary Magazines I Officially Want to Submit To…

22 Jul

… and will hopefully accept my work.

(in no particular order)

1. Monkey Bicycle: www.monkeybicycle.net

I mean, what a cool name…

2. decomP magazine: www.decompmagazine.com

Works featured on their site have been nominated for the Pushcart… I’m in. Plus their editor-in-chief has a really cool blog.

3. PANK: www.pankmagazine.com

They’ve already accepted a poem of mine, but nevertheless, I’m officially obsessed with them. No big deal. Oh, and I won a free book from their blog.

4. Fifth Wednesday Journal: www.fifthwednesdayjournal.com

Because I want my work to be considered “quality writing which is entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally meaningful for the reader.” (see here)

5. Keyhole: www.keyholemagazine.com

I really want to read the book they just published by Stephanie Johnson — One of These is Not Like the Other.

6. Frostwriting: www.frostwriting.com

I mean, just look at their site. Look at it.

7. > kill author: www.killauthor.com

We’ve been over this. See previous post.

8. Beloit Poetry Journal: www.bpj.org

Because they are cool.

9. Storyglossia: www.storyglossia.com

They make me want to write good short stories. Nuff said.

10. FRiGG Magazine: www.friggmagazine.com

If nothing else, their twitter cracks me up.

For more super cool literary journals, check out NewPages.