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Must Read: “Why I Write”

30 Aug

Wow. All I can say is that you MUST go read Stephen Elliot’s article “Why I Write” over at the Rumpus. Especially if you have any interest in writing whatsoever. You will not regret it, promise.

The thing I really liked about the article, besides his wonderful honesty, is how relatable it is. I think that every writer could read it and point to one section of it and say: “that’s where I am right now as a writer.” As for me, section 1 all the way.

Now I am DYING to start reading The Adderall Diaries. I think I will. Right now. Well — I should do some work, then start it tonight. It’s a plan!

Oh, I finished Ron Rash’s first novel — the first he published, he’s got four out now! — One Foot in Eden last night and I really enjoyed it. Especially how the novel is divided up into sections, by different character’s perspectives, and the only scene in which those four characters are together is (debatedly) the last major scene in the novel. Very nice.