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Jessa Marsh: my new favorite person

27 Jul

I know, I sound creepy. I’m too obsessed to care.

This is why I love PANK so much; they’re always on my wave-length.

I just recently discovered Jessa Marsh, an upcoming junior at Columbia College in Chicago, through a little blog/lit-mag/twitter stalking. I can say with utmost certainty she seems like the coolest person ever. She gives me hope, as a young writer, that our goals are never too big as long as we focus on the writing.

Plus, from what I can tell, she’s not afraid of being a young writer — which is the coolest thing. A lot of times I feel like we should feign maturity, act at least 3-5 years older, but she fully embraces her youth. She’s not afraid to throw in a word like “undergrad,” which I always seem to be afraid of mentioning. Sometimes I wonder if the magazines to which I submit will demand my degree. That’s why I’m silly, and she’s not.

AND she has a job at two online literary magazines, both of which I really love — Storyglossia and Monkeybicycle.

Anyways, back to PANK. They just blogged an interview with her. Go read it, immediately. Also, check out her website — it has links to her stories.

Just so you know, I’m totally prepared for her to block me from twitter within 10 minutes. Oh well.