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discount books make the world go round.

28 Jul

At least my world.

I thought I’d share the love, just in case it’s the same for you. Justin Sirois is sharing the love by having a special deal: both of his “novels” — he argues in his blog that they aren’t really novels — for five buckaroos until the end of July.

MLKNG SCKLS and Secondary Sound. Together. Five dollars. Please recognize the beauty of this situation.

Visual stimulators to help —

I had been considering purchasing MLKNG SCKLS for awhile, but a recect decrease in funds — not related to previous book buying, of course — prevented me from doing so. However, with such a great deal, there’s really no excuse. No excuse. Go check it out on his blog… like right this instant.

And if you need any more incentive, he seems to be a very nice fella; he sent me a personal email thanking me for purchasing his books. I’m sorry — why are you still reading this? There’s books to be bought.