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10 Jul

Just so you know, I think this is the coolest journal ever:

> kill author

Not because I hope all other writers are killed to eliminate competition. On the contrary, because their statement of purpose hits upon a notion that is never far from my mind: dying. As egotistical as it is, I worry all the time about the bucket list; am I going to accomplish anything — especially writing-wise — before I die?

Their statement:
“Welcome to > kill author, a new online literary journal. Yes, another one. We make no excuses for ourselves. We have a desire to shake things up if we can, and not just by having a name that appears to suggest committing brutal acts of violence against innocent writers.

We don’t really want to murder authors, of course. You’re safe with us. No, we just want writing which takes risks. Which surprises us, shocks us, rouses us from our slumber. We’ve been asleep for far too long. It’s time to put forward something different.

If you knew that you were going to die – shortly, soon, imminently – you would want to get every last word out of your head and onto the page. Not for the sake of crafting perfect prose or poetry that would live on after your final death rattle, but just because it would be necessary. Vital. Urgent. You’d want to communicate while you still had time. You wouldn’t be concerned with fine tuning every last adjective of your literary style. You wouldn’t care about competing with, or even consciously echoing, what the latest cool lit kid was writing. That last rush of words would come out bruised and raw. All heart and liver, guts and spleen.”

Also, check out new words that have been added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. My favorites: frenemy (the Mean Girl in me, apparently) and staycation. Who comes up with these things?