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flash-ity flash flash fiction

29 Aug

Just read a hilarious, provoking, overall fun to read blog post by Sean Lovelace and you should too.

In it, he defends flash fiction, responding to anĀ interview with Robert Scott Leyse in Shattercolors Literary Review.

To be honest, I hadn’t really been exposed to flash fiction until this year. My college is really traditional, doesn’t even have a creative writing major — just a concentration — and the thought of me bringing it up in a short story class makes me a little nausea, out of fear.

And, to be honest again, even when I started to see it on the web, I was a little surprised when I liked what I read. I ordered Amelia Grey’s AM/PM and absolutely died for it — in a good way. (Have I been watching Rachel Zoe too much?) Last week, I discovered Wigleaf and it’s become one of my favorite sites already; go check it out. It’s a Saturday afternoon… what else do you have to do?

Anyways, in short, I am a fan of flash fiction. You should be too.

Oh! And I’m a fan of Sean Lovelace — really want to read his book How Some People Like Their Eggs — which is, hey… whad’ya know, a collection of flash fiction!