discount books make the world go round.

28 Jul

At least my world.

I thought I’d share the love, just in case it’s the same for you. Justin Sirois is sharing the love by having a special deal: both of his “novels” — he argues in his blog that they aren’t really novels — for five buckaroos until the end of July.

MLKNG SCKLS and Secondary Sound. Together. Five dollars. Please recognize the beauty of this situation.

Visual stimulators to help —

I had been considering purchasing MLKNG SCKLS for awhile, but a recect decrease in funds — not related to previous book buying, of course — prevented me from doing so. However, with such a great deal, there’s really no excuse. No excuse. Go check it out on his blog… like right this instant.

And if you need any more incentive, he seems to be a very nice fella; he sent me a personal email thanking me for purchasing his books. I’m sorry — why are you still reading this? There’s books to be bought.


Amazon sucks.

27 Jul

Check out this article by the Rumpus about sticking it to the man of the book-buying, book-selling, book-everything world: AMAZON.

Also, search amazon on the Rumpus’s website to see much more amazon bashing. Many more articles to be read.

After having a rather unpleasant personal experience with, I decided to strike them off my list and promised to never use them again… unless I had to get a rare book that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I suggest you do the same.

By the way, favorite part in that article: “My second thought was, fuck you Amazon. You want 70% just for creating the machine?”


Jessa Marsh: my new favorite person

27 Jul

I know, I sound creepy. I’m too obsessed to care.

This is why I love PANK so much; they’re always on my wave-length.

I just recently discovered Jessa Marsh, an upcoming junior at Columbia College in Chicago, through a little blog/lit-mag/twitter stalking. I can say with utmost certainty she seems like the coolest person ever. She gives me hope, as a young writer, that our goals are never too big as long as we focus on the writing.

Plus, from what I can tell, she’s not afraid of being a young writer — which is the coolest thing. A lot of times I feel like we should feign maturity, act at least 3-5 years older, but she fully embraces her youth. She’s not afraid to throw in a word like “undergrad,” which I always seem to be afraid of mentioning. Sometimes I wonder if the magazines to which I submit will demand my degree. That’s why I’m silly, and she’s not.

AND she has a job at two online literary magazines, both of which I really love — Storyglossia and Monkeybicycle.

Anyways, back to PANK. They just blogged an interview with her. Go read it, immediately. Also, check out her website — it has links to her stories.

Just so you know, I’m totally prepared for her to block me from twitter within 10 minutes. Oh well.

Books I just bought from McSweeney’s Garage Sale

23 Jul

Damn book sales. All of them. They get me every time.

However, so that I feel better, YOU should buy some books fromMcSweeney\’s Garage Sale, too.

Here’s what I bought —

Michael Chabon’s Maps and Legends

Believer magazine’s Book of Writers Talking to Writers

The Better of McSweeney’s Volume 1

Go… buy… now…

Combating writer’s block

23 Jul

Time and time again I’ve heard it:

Writer’s block doesn’t exist.

Writing takes hard work.

You just have to find what set up works for you.

I agree, for the most part. I think writing well takes consistency. I have a horrible tendency to start great poems — or what seem like great poems — and then “get tired” and magically transform from having my notebook and paper in my hands to say an apple, or another book, or, God forbid, the remote control.

Let’s not even get started about typing on the computer; there’s email, facebook, blog stats, twitter, literary magazines (that I should be writing something FOR, instead of reading their submission guidelines for the 1878979th time).

The hardest thing is making yourself sit still for one moment and confront the piece of paper in front of you when all of a sudden, like a summer thunderstorm, the poem stops pouring out of you. It can leave you as quickly as it found you, but not if you let it.

Perhaps — well, not perhaps, I’m pretty sure — I’m not giving any ground-breaking or especially great advice here. But, to make up for my lack of insight, I have a really funny link about writer’s block that my friend sent me:

911 writers block

Don’t dial 5 to commiserate, I beg of you.

Also, check out this blog from Fictionaut. I like how Amy Halloran talks about the different exercises she does to get the writing flowing. However, if I were to read anything on my bed, I would most certainly fall asleep. Guaranteed.

Oh, and I’ll leave you with a little google image fun for “writers block” —

Lit Lust Crush: The Adderall Diaries

22 Jul

I want this book:

Mostly because it’s written by Stephen Elliot who is editor of the Rumpus, which is awesome. Read more about it at Graywolf Press.

Jeffrey Eugenides, I love you.

22 Jul

Read. This. Now.

Article about Jeffrey Eugenides’ first novel The Virgin Suicides (it’s a film too — anyone heard of Kirsten Dunst? come on, people, I know you’ve seen this flick) and its sixteenth birthday.

What I like best is how Eugenides had no faith that the book would actually get published, so he didn’t refrain from using the names of people he knew in the novel. Good to know even a talented guy like Jeffrey Eugenides has self-doubt.

He should finish that third novel. Like now.