Amazon sucks.

27 Jul

Check out this article by the Rumpus about sticking it to the man of the book-buying, book-selling, book-everything world: AMAZON.

Also, search amazon on the Rumpus’s website to see much more amazon bashing. Many more articles to be read.

After having a rather unpleasant personal experience with, I decided to strike them off my list and promised to never use them again… unless I had to get a rare book that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I suggest you do the same.

By the way, favorite part in that article: “My second thought was, fuck you Amazon. You want 70% just for creating the machine?”



One Response to “Amazon sucks.”

  1. TomHL February 26, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

    Of course they suck. You just have to realize that they own IMDB to understand what Bezoz and all these greedy clowns have done to culture. I hate buying on line, it just sucks, When i see the mount of cash that these nazis do with the mp3 that makes me proud to download 99 % of the music I listen to. This company blackmail their suppliers (Kindle) and after that they buy them. They own a monopoly which is unacceptable, they have no ethics and I will never buy their shit because even if it’s cheaper they will make you pay double the day they have screwed everybody.

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